Air Freight

Services Details

tgexfreights is a fully certified and licensed Indirect Air Carrier (IAC), and this designation allows us to move your air freight quickly and cost-effectively.

tgexfreights offers to its valued customers a full range of services to match the requirement of each specific shipment. Our wide-ranging system of integrated air and ground services makes Saturn the perfect solution to your shipping needs at the best competitive price.  Our state of the art technology provides online tracking, shipment updates, a proof of delivery, and allows you to build custom reports based on your individual needs.


tgexfreights provides same day air service to the majority of U.S. destinations, 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. Same day air shipments are tendered on the next available flight out and delivered to destination immediately upon arrival. Saturn’s personnel will coordinate routing and provide specific times of arrivals based on the number of flights and the distance from the airport. Shipments may be subject to size and weight restrictions.


tgexfreights offers door-to-door overnight air service to over 26,000 metropolitan cities throughout North America. Our network offers immediate pickup departing on the next available flight and immediate delivery upon arrival. Our customer service constantly tracks your shipment and provides an immediate electronic proof of delivery. Our network and reliability enables you to meet your time sensitive delivery needs with no hassle.


This service provides business with a flexible, cost saving alternative when overnight delivery is not necessary. Second day air is the most commonly used freight service for scheduled shipments. Your shipment will arrive by 5:00 PM the second business day. It offers reliable, time-sensitive delivery at a cost savings.